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how to dress like a stay-at-home mom and not look like a slob

By Suzanne Brown on January 31, 2014 in i'm not an expert, parenting tags: , , , , , , , ,

First off, it is HILARIOUS that I am writing anything that could be construed as fashion advice. I am utterly clueless about what clothes are cool – it’s not just my advancing age, I’ve always been that way. So, take this with a grain of salt.

Apparently some people sneer at stay-at-home moms and think we don’t do anything, just hang out all day in PJs. These people are only on the internet, I think. Everyone I know in real life is very supportive of and encouraging of stay-at-home moms, even if it’s not their particular family arrangement. I thought I’d share a few ways to look like you have stuff pulled together when you get an unexpected knock on the door (you KNOW they’re not ringing the doorbell because you have a “Shh, babies sleeping :) ” sign taped over your doorbell) but still be just as comfy as wearing your jammies.

1. Hair. As far as I know, the ponytail is the only hairdo. Ever. There’s not point wearing it down – babies pull on it, it gets peanut butter smeared in, etc. A Flexi clip allows you to maintain this important part of your mom uniform but looks nicer than a regular rubber bandy thing. Plus, you can do some other fancy things like a bun if you’re so inclined. With your hair in a bun you can fool anybody into thinking you know what you’re doing!


2. Shirt. The cotton/modal shirts from Land’s End are AWESOME. They are pretty much all I wear. They are super soft and comfortable but look ever so much nicer than a t-shirt you got from donating blood 12 years ago. They always have some deal going on like buy 3 and get $15 off. They come in beautiful colors, 3 different necklines, and long and short sleeves. They wash really well, too.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 3.34.27 PM

3. Pants. Yoga pants are, apparently, the new sweat pants. A lot of moms wear them every day because they’re comfy and look a bit nicer than regular sweat pants. I personally like the Starfish pants from Land’s End (I swear I am not a Land’s End salesperson or anything, I just think their stuff is great quality which means I have to shop less frequently, which is awesome. I hate shopping.). They are a nicer material than your average yoga pants – in the reviews some people say they wear them as business casual – but they are super comfortable. They are a little stretchy too so it’s easy to get down in the floor to read Corduroy 3000 times or build an awesome train track. My only complaint is that the waist is a tiny bit too high for my taste, and the thighs seem really roomy. I have big thighs, too. But they’re really comfortable and look nice.


In summer I wear either chino shorts with a reasonable inseam (because, you know, I have thighs and stuff) or Bermuda shorts. Those are the kind that go to your knees, right? These are from Old Navy:


4. Shoes. I have to admit, I’m still working on this one. For leaving the house, I like these ballet/Mary Jane types. (For the record, I hate that they’re Crocs. Rubber shoes seem weird to me, and they DO make your feet sweat as much as you think they would.) But, they’re comfortable, look sort-of presentable (I mean, they’re rubber…) and are basically indestructible. So if you slosh dinner while stirring (or if your 3-year-old is helping), or if a baby spits up on them, they just wipe up. So those are good things.


If anyone has recommendations for cute, comfortable, easy-care shoes with a bit of support that aren’t basically galoshes in disguise, please let me know.

For around the house, I also like ballet shoe styles. (What can I say? I want to look like Audrey Hepburn! But without working for it.) These are Isotoners and I wouldn’t be embarrassed answering the door in them, or if a neighbor stopped by for an impromptu visit.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 3.51.53 PM

I think they’re cute but The Husband says they look like his grandma’s slippers so take that into account. I think these are cute, too (but like I said, I have no sense of fashion so I could be totally wrong). I got them for $12 plus free shipping.


There you go! Head to toe, some super comfy, really easy options. It can be tempting to hang out in jammies all day but a quick change can really help your outlook as well as persuade the nay-sayers that mothering is a legitimate profession and worthy of respect.