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how I got here

By Suzanne Brown on May 19, 2013 in About

To kick off this new venture in my life, I thought I’d recap what brought me to natural birth and why I wanted to become a Birth Boot Camp instructor.

When I got pregnant with my son, I was living in France and had the language skills of a 2-year-old. This is, by the way, not the ideal situation in which to navigate a foreign medical system. The French are veeeerrrrryyyy into pharmaceuticals and I am not so much, mostly because years down the road they discover this supposed miracle drug causes cancer, or deformities, or death, or all of the above. Anyway I’d always known that when I had kids I would want an unmedicated delivery because it just seemed better. I guess I knew this instinctively because Lord knows I’d never heard anyone share anything positive about childbirth. I had to change doctors a few times (one told me, “I don’t actually deliver babies”…yes, she was an OB), and changed hospitals at 8 months, in order to find a place that was welcoming to natural birth and would allow me to have a translator. I spent a lot of time researching online and reading while I was pregnant and felt like I was as prepared as I could be under the circumstances (without access to a birth class in my language). I was able to achieve an unmedicated delivery but felt like I had to put up a fight to get it.

After we moved back to the States and I got pregnant again (so relieved to have access to midwifery care), I found out in a roundabout way about Birth Boot Camp. It had just launched so my husband and I took the online classes. I was very impressed with how comprehensive the curriculum was and wished it had been around about 2 years earlier. My daughter was born in a birth center, very peaceful and uneventful. A few months later I realized I had been fielding questions from friends and acquaintances about birth, breastfeeding, and babies ever since I had my son and I decided I may as well get certified to give some weight to my (informed) opinions. So, here I am!