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Many new moms worry about nursing in public. Part of this is because you hear about the odd person now and then who gets offended and raises a stink about it (I’m not sure what is so offensive about babies needing to eat, but there are some strange people in this world), and part is because it feels awkward to think about exposing part of your breast or midriff in public. One wonderful modern invention is the nursing tank. Bravado is a well-known brand of nursing apparel – they make some great bras and they also have these famous nursing tanks.


The Good:

  • - they come in lots of pretty colors (they rotate in and out seasonally)
  • - they are very supportive and comfortable, once you have them on
  • - lots of stores carry them, including online
  • - the clips lay flat, rather than being a giant plastic hook & eye like most nursing bras
  • - comes in a wide range of sizes
  • - quality construction – holds up over several years

The Bad:

  • - the clips aren’t truly one-handed – they release easily one-handed, but can be very difficult to clip back without both hands (note: I have one or two that are easier than the others, so maybe this is a tank-by-tank issue)
  • - the band under the bra seems REALLY tight when trying to get the tank on – it takes me a long time to shimmy in, but I’m sure I have the right size
  • - the shirring on the front means this tank does not look good when layered under another shirt for the most discreet feeding
  • - the bra inside is fabric and can’t conceal breast pads, if you need them…or “headlights,” if you know what I mean
  • - on the expensive side
  • - you’re supposed to hang to dry

The Verdict:
I own several of these in various colors and really like them. I mostly wear them around the house though, since they don’t layer under regular shirts well and putting the nursing flap down leaves your breast uncovered. It’s not my favorite tank, but it’s a solid addition to any nursing wardrobe.

I got nothing for writing this review. I purchased these products with my own money, used them, and wrote about them, and received diddly squat for doing so.


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