natural birth – good for baby, good for mama

Bun to Bundle offers Birth Boot Camp classes to prepare couples for a natural, unmedicated birth. When a woman knows what her body is capable of and trusts the process of giving birth, it is the perfect transformation of a woman into a mother.

Prepare for a rewarding breastfeeding relationship with in-class tips, Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE DVD, and support from an instructor who's been there.

  • "Women who labor on their own terms and triumph in spontaneous birthing will mother in a fiercely independent fashion, with strength and inner certainty spilling into every other aspect of their lives."

    Elizabeth Davis, Author

About Me

Suzanne Brown


I am a wife and full-time mother of three. I received my B.S. in Development and Family Studies in 2004. My first pregnancy took place overseas and I experienced just how difficult it can be to locate a supportive care provider and birth place. Thorough research and education enabled me to achieve an unmedicated birth. That experience and two more natural deliveries have shown me that when a woman and her partner are educated in how her body is designed to work with her baby to give birth, the labor and delivery process is transformative.

Class Schedule

I teach Birth Boot Camp classes at Life Point Chiropractic in Denton and at my home in Justin. Along with personal instruction from a certified Birth Boot Camp instructor, you’ll receive our Field Manual, which is a comprehensive, full-color workbook that includes assignments and exercises to complement information received in each weekly birth class. Additionally, you’ll download Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE, which will be like having a lactation consultant on hand whenever you need them.The 10-week course is $300. I recommend that you start classes when you are around 22-28 weeks along.

Wednesdays, March 15 - May 17, 7-9:30 in Justin

Reboot - this is a 3-hour refresher class for couples who have already had a natural birth. Regular price is $75 with a discount available for my former Birth Boot Camp students. Contact me for dates!

Budgeting for Baby - expecting or even thinking about a new baby can be overwhelming. This free, practical course is intended to assist new parents in making the best financial choices for their family. Topics covered during the course include how to save money on everyday expenses, what baby gear is really needed and what gear can actually be detrimental to a baby’s development or safety, the financial benefits of comprehensive childbirth and breastfeeding education, how to determine whether or not one parent can stay home or if both parents need to work outside of the home, and saving for college. Contact me for upcoming dates!

Please contact me with any questions. If you're unable to attend a live Birth Boot Camp class, you can sign up for online classes here.


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